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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Abstract expressionistic fine art painting

Winter Blues 20 x 24 acrylic
I get the blues in the winter, do you?
This painting is my interpretation of
Color Field Painting;

What Are the Key Characteristic of Color Field Painting?

Bright, local colors are presented in specific shapes that can be amorphous or geometrical, but not too straight-edged.
The works emphasize the flatness of the canvas or paper, because that is what a painting is literally about.
The excitement comes from the tension set up between the colors and shapes. That is the subject of the work.
The integration of shapes through overlapping or interpenetration's blurs spacial distinctions, so that there is almost no sense of the image versus the background (what art historians call "figure and ground"). Sometimes the shapes seem to both emerge and submerge into the surrounding colors.

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