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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Abstract expressionistic fine art painting

Falling Up
Another in my new movement art series.
Truly a painting  frenzy and the best part of my day.
I love to finish and start my day in the  studio.
I find it very zen, tactile, physical and non rational.
A sense of freedom;
"Kandinsky believed that colors provoke emotions. Red was lively and confident; Green was peaceful with inner strength; Blue was deep and supernatural; Yellow could be warm, exciting, disturbing or totally bonkers; and White seemed silent but full of possibilities. He also assigned instrument tones to go with each color: Red sounded like a trumpet; Green sounded like a middle-position violin; Light Blue sounded like flute; Dark Blue sounded like a cello, Yellow sounded like a fanfare of trumpets; and White sounded like the pause in a harmonious melody." (

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